Company History

The Friedrich Lux Company was founded in 1931 as a single enterprise by the gunsmith master Friedrich Lux in Heidelberg. Lux also managed this company during the difficult wartime years and “Waffen Lux” was allowed to resume its work after the war in 1949. This was the period in which Friedrich Lux was predominantly busy with his gunsmiths in the workshop with new constructions and repairs of the old pre-war weapons.

In July 1969 the single enterprise was converted into a limited partnership, after the son Reinhold passed the master’s examination in gunsmith craft. He also became the Managing Director in 1974. The company was continued as a specialty store for hunters and target shooters and the product range has been greatly expanded over time. In addition, and this is still the case today, the gunsmith’s workshop was continued as an important component.

In 1981, for the 50th Anniversary, the sales room was greatly expanded, new spaces were added for the workshop, office and warehouse. The large quantity of tourists from all over the world that come to visit our romantic ” Old Heidelberg ” and a very international audience has meant an ever greater increase in foreign deliveries in the retail sector.

In 1993 after relationships were also built up quickly here due to the change in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, Reinhold Lux founded his own company at the same location as the “Firma Reinhold Lux Import-Export, Handel mit Schießsport und Jagdausrüstung“ (Reinhold Lux import-export, trade in shooting sports and hunting equipment).

The company very quickly became successful in the Baltic States and  was one of the first German companies to deliver hunting equipment to the Lithuanian Forestry authority in Vilnius.

In Tallinn – Estonia the specialized dealer Jagdwelt GmbH was established under the management of Reinhold Lux in June 1993.

Simultaneously, business relationships were established with Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine. In Ukraine Reinhold Lux was able to purchase company shares in a weapons shop and successfully use his expertise to build this into a recognized German arms business. In order to disburden this company in the Ukraine and to work even better as a wholesaler for the Ukrainian traders, a nationally recognised agency of “Waffen-Lux, Heidelberg, Reinhold Lux Büchsenmachermeister“ was opened in the capital Kiev in March 2000. In the fiscal year 2008 the limited partnership of Friedrich Lux KG had to be dissolved. As of  January 2009, the company is registered under the official company name ” Waffen Lux Heidelberg, Reinhold Lux e.K. Büchsenmachermeister” and continues the tradition of over 77 years.

In September 2008, the company accordingly celebrated the occasion with an anniversary celebration and special sales exhibition with customers and suppliers. The triple occasion was:

83 years of Friedrich Lux KG – Waffen Lux Heidelberg
40 years gunsmith master 15th Anniversary Import – Export Wholesale – Reinhold Lux eK

You can continue to rely on the decades of experience, expert service and individual advice of Waffen Lux Heidelberg.